Located in the heart of Granada, Dr. Arturo Baca Orthodontic Clinic continues with the challenge of being a reference in oral health, providing personalized attention to the needs of each patient. For this, it has the most advanced technology and the most qualified professionals in each of the specialties. First free visit. We are exclusive specialists in Orthodontics.

First free visit We are exclusive specialists in Orthodontics.


Mon. – Thu.: 10:00 h. – 13:00 h.

Monday afternoon: 17:00 h. at 20:00 h.


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Our Treatments

Conventional orthodontic
(children and adults)

We perform any type of orthodontic treatment, from simple cases to the most complicated ones.

Orthodontia with
transparent braces

We have all existing types: transparent braces made of artificial sapphire or of highquality resins, removable transparent splints, aesthetic arches and ligatures, etc.

Lingual or invisible orthodontics

Lingual or invisible orthodontia is the most aesthetic existing orthodontic treatment. The braces are placed behind the teeth and are not seen.

Snore and sleep apnea

We study each case particularly and we use intrabuccal apparatus made to measure, designed and made in our laboratory according to a method we have patented.

Dental bleaching

Our clinic offers the most modern professional system of dental bleaching. Ideal for those, who have just finished their orthodontics, as a perfectend to the treatment, or for those who want to show off their whitest and most luminous teeth.

We fractionate the payment of your Treatment

Dr. Arturo Baca

Introduction of doctor Arturo Baca

Dear friends,

I form part of a family with a large orthodontist tradition dedicated to odontology from the 19th century. I am married to an Austrian woman from Salzburg and we have got five children who have helped me to understand the problems of the youngsters and teenagers and they also helped me to put myself in the position of the mothers and fathers coming to my surgery wanting to resolve their problems and the problems of their children.

I have been teaching as a professor for orthodontics in our university for 25 years and I have been working as an exclusive specialist in orthodontics for also 25 years in Granada. I enjoy the clinical job as much as teaching at university, and both activities have contributed to acquire a profound knowledge in orthodontics which is at your disposal… Continue reading

Quality and long-term results are our best guarantee

First free visit

First free visit

See budget

What does the Budget include?

What does the Budget include?

Includes all visits, appliances and necessary extras. Retention appliances included in the budget.

Fractioned Payment

Fractioned Payment

NO interests. In the form of consecutive monthly installments.

Free cleaning

Free cleaning

Both at the beginning and at the end of the treatment

Treatment by a specialist

Your Treatment

Your Treatment

It will be done by a specialist in Orthodontics, Stomatologist, Dr. in Medicine and Full Professor of the University of Granada

Why choose us?

Our method in 3 steps

The personal treatment and the dialog between the professional, the patient and the parents are paramount in our clinic. We appreciate that the family come into the clinic to speak with us and telling us their doubts and making suggestions. It is important to share the patient´s evolution of the treatment with the family because after all, it is a question of health which is the most precious value.

First visit and study of the case

What are you worried about?


Our mission is solving your problem

Result and maintenance

We want that you continue smiling all your life.

We belong to…

What our patients say

Ha sido toda una experiencia conocer esta familia ya que no se si decir clínica ya que puede sonar muy frio. Para mi es un sueño hecho realidad poder ver mi sonrisa ya que hasta hoy no me atrevía a sonreír o no sabía, a partir de ahora creo que voy a estar sonriendo siempre. Nunca podré olvidar esta grata experiencia.

Antonio Cruz, 40 años

Ask anyone who has been treated by us.
Our patients are our best reference.