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Dr. Arturo Baca

Dr. Arturo Baca

I form part of a family with a large orthodontist tradition dedicated to odontology from the 19th century. I am married to an Austrian woman from Salzburg and we have got five children who have helped me to understand the problems of the youngsters and teenagers and they also helped me to put myself in the position of the mothers and fathers coming to my surgery wanting to resolve their problems and the problems of their children.

I have been teaching Orthodontics at our University for more than 30 years and I have been working as an exclusive specialist in orthodontics in Granada.

I enjoy the clinical job as much as teaching at university, and both activities have contributed to acquire a profound knowledge in orthodontics which is at your disposal. I am especially fond of aesthetic orthodontics and particularly of lingual orthodontics or invisible orthodontics, for which I was the pioneer in Granada and in which I have more than 15 years of experience.    

But above all, my greatest wish after your treatment, apart from being pleased with the result, is that you have found in my team and in me professionals worthy of your confidence and friends.

Currículum vitae of Dr. Arturo Baca:

  • Degree in medicine and surgery (University of Granada) and doctor´s degree  in medicine and surgery (University of Valencia).
  • Specialist in stomatology (University of Complutense Madrid).
  • Specialist in orthodontics (University of Valencia).
  • Professor titleholder of orthodontics (University of Granada).
  • Specialization in dental operation and endodontics (University of Complutense Madrid).
  • Academician of the Royal Academy of Medicine of Granada and Founder Academician of the Academy of Investigation in History of odontology and stomatology of Madrid.
  • First National Prize from the Spanish Magazine of Stomatology and Second Prize from the Royal Academy of Medicine of Granada.
  • Founder Member of the Latin American Society of Lingual Orthodontics and of the Spanish Academy for Historical Investigation in Odontology and Stomatology, member of the Spanish Association of Specialists of Orthodontics, the Spanish Society of Orthodontics, American Lingual Orthodontics, Societè Francaise dÓrthophedie Dento-Faciale, Portuguese Society of Orthopedics Teeth-Face Value, Pierre Fauchard Academy, etc.
  • Author of 7 books and 48 articles in national and foreign magazines. Author of numerous presentations in Spain and in other countries.
  • Author of numerous courses and lectures at the University of Granada and at other Universities and scientific forums in Spain and abroad.
  • Author of a patent for the treatment of snore and of sleep apnea.   
Thanks to the teamwork of our exceptional group of professionals who are continually trained with the most innovative techniques, we have been able to situate our clinic to one of the most avant-garde orthodontics clinics.
Babette Baier
Babette BaierAdministration and Organization
The doctor´s wife. She is in charge of all the administration
YolandaReception manager
  • Dental assistant
  • Training in oral hygiene, intervention and prevention
  • Office training

30 years of experience in our clinic. She is with us from the beginning.

DoriDental hygienist
  • Technical specialist in oral hygiene.
  • Superior technician in dental prosthesis.
  • Training in dental management of sleep apnea.
  • Training in oral surgery and implantology for auxiliaries.

15 years of experience in our clinic.