Our Clinic

In our clinic we exclusively devote to orthodontics since we started 30 years ago. We also have an own laboratory with specialized technicians.

We work with the most modern radiology clinics of Granada, capable of providing us the best information which is indispensable for our diagnosis.

We have the most up-to-date systems of sterilization, the most effective set of instruments and also the most modern materials and instruments for the realization of any orthodontic treatment, inclusive the precision apparatus for the indirect cementing in lingual or invisible orthodontics at our disposal. Therefore we do not depend on external manufacturers.

This permits a total and immediate control and supervision of each work by the doctor and it saves a lot of time and money, what impacts positively on those clients who usually demand more expensive techniques.

We are situated in the center of the capital of Granada: in Carrera de la Virgen, number 1 (also called Carrera del Genil).
The entrance to our clinic is across a small tree-lined square with a small fountain in the middle, called Bibataubín Square, located exactly at the end of Carrera de la Virgen and next to Puerta Real. (.See the map.).

We are 40 m away from the Corte Inglés and 100 m away from the basilica Virgen de las Angustias. .

  • Geysepark
  • Parking Palacio de Congresos
  • Parking Puerta Real
  • Parking Corte Inglés