Dental bleaching

Blanqueamiento dental

Our clinic offers the most modern professional system of dental bleaching. Ideal for those, who have just finished their orthodontics, as a perfect end to the treatment, or for those who want to show off their whitest and most luminous teeth.

The dental bleaching consists of rising the whiteness and luminosity of the dental pieces with diverse procedures.

In our case we use a professional method which is supervised in every moment by the doctor and it is based on the application of a oxidizing product: the peroxide of hydrogen together with a focused special cold light liberates oxygen which splits up the coloring substances. It is not an abrasive or erosive product, it totally respects the integrity of the teeth, and with far less risk of the discomforts and hypersensitivity, which are so frequent with other procedures.  

The increase of the whiteness tends to be spectacular, with an improvement of many shades for normal tinctures, but obviously it depends on the type of tincture and of the type of enamel which presents the patient.

The habitual procedure consists in:

Quick White

The dental bleaching system Quick White is the system number 1 of the world. This is a procedure which achieves an oxygenation without warmth, used for lightening darkened teeth because of the age or because they are stained after consuming café, tea, red wine, tobacco, etc. and also for the most difficult cases, as tetracycline and fluorosis.

After its application on the market for dental bleaching for a long time, national and international institutions have carried out rigorous studies for achieving security and a guarantee of its results to back up the quality of the system.

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